Math Games

Click on the links below to play fun, yet challenging online math games. The last link will take you to hands-on math games played at John Trumbull's Second Annual Family Math Night.  For more resources on math activities you can participate in, click on Math Sites for Students and Families.


Factory Balls- Drag and Drop a ball over the tools to produce the required ball for shipping.  If you want to start over just drag the ball over to the recycling bin.


TEN -In this game, all you have to do is to make 10! Slide and add numbers to each other on the board to reach your goal.  It sounds simple, but will get addictive as you proceed! Each 10 you make becomes a block which can't be passed, so the more blocks there are, the more difficult it becomes!           

Briker 2- 
Use Arrow Keys to move block to goal.

Mini Train

Mini Train - Move the blocks to help build a path to let the train in the tunnel.

John Trumbull Primary School Family Math Night Games
Click here to find games that can be played without a computer! Just get a partner, print them up and play!