John Trumbull Primary School

JTPS Birthday Invitations


Students must report to their assigned locations at arrival and dismissal times.

                                        Arrival Locations

                                      8:30 AM - 8:50 AM

Green Kindergarten Grades 1 & 2                  Green Common Area

Blue           Kindergarten                              Seating by back entrance                

 Grades 1 & 2                                              Blue Common Area

Yellow          Kindergarten, Grades 1 & 2          Yellow Common Aread

Van Transportation         Arrival will be at the back of the school.

Pre School                     Arrival at the back of the school/ Dismissal at the front 



Celebratory snacks may be provided to students in classrooms through the food service department in consultation with the classroom teacher, school nurse and approval of the principal. The teacher must be consulted and a Classroom Celebration Snack Request Form must be submitted at least one week in advance of the food related activity. Forms are availabe on the district homepage and can be obtained at the school. Each school will also have available a list of activities that will serve as alternates to food celebrations. The alternate activities list will be posted on the district home page. Parents are encouraged and welcome to participate in their child's celebraion. Healthy allergen free foods are available through Watertown's Food SErvice Department. A list of offerings is available in school offices and on the district website.

If your child is going to bring invitations to school for a party at home, make sure that all children in the class are invited.  Otherwise, make other arrangements to distribute invitations.

John Trumbull Primary School has a very active and enthusiastic P.T.O.  Our P.T.O. provides parents and teachers an opportunity to work together to provide our children with programs and activities during the year to enhance their education.  A membership drive will take place during the fall. Every family is encouraged to join. Your involvement will not only benefit your child, but our entire school community.  Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 in the cafeteria.