John Trumbull Primary School

JTPS Recess Games


Students are expected to:

...behave in a safe manner without rough play.


...remain in the designated areas and only enter the building when given permission by the teacher on duty


...use equipment safely and properly.  Use swings and slide in a sitting position, going down feet first only, with no jumping from or running on the equipment, etc. Sneakers or sturdy shoes are required for playing on equipment. good sportsmanship


...cease activities/games and line up quietly when the first bell rings or when instructed to do so.



Students are expected to:

...treat classmates and adults with respect and kindness. respect by using appropriate language





Children, during the course of the year,  have the tendency to forget items necessary for school  (i.e. sneakers, lunches, homework, musical instruments).  Children will not be allowed to use the office telephone to call home for any items that are forgotten. Should a child forget an item and a parent brings it to school, they are to bring it to the office.  Items should contain:  THE CHILD'S FULL NAME AND CLASSROOM TEACHER.   Homework will be placed in the teacher’s mailbox by the office staff.  In the event that no lunch is dropped off children will be allowed to charge their lunch. Lunch money should be placed in an envelope and left in the office and children will be notified prior to their lunch period that it is here.  No items should be delivered directly to the classroom.  




Parents are welcome and indeed encouraged to visit the school.  All visitors and/or volunteers must report to the office first upon entering the building.  You will be given a visitor's badge. This is for the protection of all children.  If you would like to visit in your child's classroom, please call in ADVANCE to set up a time which is mutually convenient for you, the classroom teacher and the building administrator.    All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Information and Waiver of Liability Form.  The forms are available in the main office.




Each year students are given the opportunity to purchase photographs of themselves and their classmates.  This is a traditional school fundraiser and allows families to obtain quality pictures at a reasonable price. Notices will be sent out early in the fall regarding school photos.