Watertown Board of Education Mission Statement

The mission of the Watertown School District, with determination to be a world-class educational leader and a centerpiece of a dynamic and growing community, is to meet the needs of each student – academic, artistic, athletic, emotional, ethical, social, and technological – to develop members of our community who:

  • Embrace life-long learning;
  • Are caring and responsible citizens;

This will be accomplished by:

  • Establishing high expectations for all students;
  • Partnering with parents and a community as a whole;
  • Providing the differentiated instruction, guidance and resources necessary to achieve these high expectations set forth for our students, staff, and community.
Watertown Board of Education Members

9 members, Elected 4 Yr. Term, Meets 2nd and 4th Monday each month (except December, July, August) WHS Lecture Hall, 324 French Street, Watertown- 7:30 PM

R Leslie Crotty, Chair 42 Pond View Drive, W 860-483-203511/2021
R Janelle Wilk, 
Vice Chairwoman
50 Ice House Road, O. 860-274-1998 11/2021
R Cathie Rinaldi
370 Kimberly Lane, W860-274-123511/2023
R Karen Hosking106 Porter Street.  W
D Cindy Eastman 10 Grove Hill Road, W 860-417-2023 11/2021
RBrian Flaherty21 Neil Drive, W203-515-663611/2021
RRobert Makowski53 Cutler Knoll, W860-417-373311/2021
D Jason Malagutti 187 Wheeler Farm Road, W 203-808-2084 11/2023
D Josephine Rosa 29 Lake Winnemaug Road, W 860-274-6094