Business and Financial Services

The Watertown Public Schools Business Department is responsible for managing the operational expenditures that occur in the district each year. The Business Department works in concert with the Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools, administrators, faculty, Town officials to ensure the highest degree of safeguarding and transparency of the public's assets.

Watertown Public Schools approaches budget development in a conservative and fiscally prudent manner with input and feedback from a variety of stakeholders. This collaborative approach helps ensure we are making wise use of the taxpayer dollars entrusted to us. As a district, we are grateful for support from our students, employees, parents and Town residents to reach our goal of graduating students who are leaders in the classroom and the community.

Gathered on this page are several resources to help you learn more about Watertown Public Schools' current budget as well as budgets from previous fiscal years. 

2021-2022 (FY22)

Watertown Public Schools Budget

Presented on Tuesday, February 9:Superintendent's Proposed 2021-2022 Budget Presentation

     Approved on Monday, February 22:BOE Recommended Budget 2021-2022

The Watertown public schools strategic improvement plan is one that offers a clear path and view of where our district is headed. Watertown Public Schools Strategic Plan has three areas of focus. Watertown Cares, Watertown Learns and Watertown Leads. This year’s BOE Recommended Budget includes specific key additions that will help us fulfill the goals of each of these areas.

The most important thing about designing the WPS budget for this fiscal year (FY22) is to look at it through a multiyear lens. Having our eyes set on where we want to be in 1 yr, 3 yrs, or 5 yrs is extremely important. Putting forward a balanced budget is priority and planning for all of the possibilities and innovative ways we can shape our children’s school experiences is always the main goal. The proposed budget allows us to appropriately fund programming for ALL of our students. The budget process is a collaborative one. It includes the entire administrative team and feedback from a variety of stakeholders.

This year’s Total proposed budget is $48, 439, 863 for a total 4% increase of $1,861,273 for the Fiscal year 22.

We know that we want our students to not only build knowledge, but the characteristics and skills to give back to their communities and contribute to what continues to become more apparent each day, a wider global society.

It is no question that this past year has been an extraordinary one and there have been many moments that continuously changed. Knowing this, this year's recommended budget aims to steady our ship to bring us back to spending time on growing the good work happening in our schools. It is also a priority to mitigate and potential risks that may crop up in this coming year. The priorities aim to fortify an already strong foundation.

The Watertown Public Schools continue to provide a strong education for our students. During my time here in Watertown I am dedicated to opening up new possibilities and bringing innovative experiences to our students through curriculum and programming. All of our Watertown students deserve a world class education. And over a multi-year process the 2021-2022 BOE Recommended Budget will allow us to make headway on our priorities.


Alison Villanueva, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools