New Watertown/Oakville residents who have a child ready to enter the Watertown Public Schools are asked to fill out the following electronic registration data needed for your student to attend Watertown Public School.  Please click the InfoSnap registration form here

State law and the Board of Education policy state that a child is to be educated in the town in which he or she resides.It is illegal to misrepresent your place of residence for the purpose of gaining educational services.To ensure that those registering in our schools are legal residents of the Watertown Public Schools, parents in the towns of Oakville and Watertown are asked to provide documentation that proves residency.

Proof of Residency is listed below and must show the family’s name at the Watertown or Oakville address:


     Rental agreement (signed by landlord with contact information), or, 

     Warranty deed

When one of the above documents is provided, no other documents are needed.

If the above documents  cannot be provided, the following must be provided showing the family’s name and Watertown or Oakville address:

1. Current utility bill, telephone bill or 

2.  Driver’s license, car registration, AND a copy of personal property tax for the car from the Town of Watertown or Oakville, 

3.  AND two notarized signed affidavits of residency. 

If you have any issues answering any questions in InfoSnap or have questions about residency information, please call the school your child will be attending to get assistance:

Watertown High School:  860-945-4810

Swift Middle School:  860-945-4830

Judson Elementary School:  860-945-4850  

Polk Elementary School:  860-945-4840

John Trumbull Primary School:860-945-2776