Friday, October 1, 2021

Dear Watertown Public Schools Families and Faculty,

Recently, you may have heard about school wide Tik Tok challenges in the media across the US. It is with great disappointment that a notification of this nature has to be released, however, it is important that our faculty, families, and students are aware of the dangers and consequences these challenges bring with them. There is a wide variety of challenges that include school and neighborhood defacement of property, vandalism, assault and ‘dares’ to enact inappropriate or lewd behavior in specific school settings.

As is the nature of social media/Internet ‘challenges’ students are pressured into completing these hazardous and dangerous activities to then later upload and post on Tik Tok. I ask that parents and guardians talk with their children about the consequences of engaging in these types of activities. These discussions can be emotionally charged for all involved so I encourage you to observe and respond to your child’s behaviors and moods throughout your conversation and consider how your own emotions and feelings may impact the discussion.

Below are a few suggested questions that may be used to steer conversation about these challenges and overall social media use:

  1. How do you and the friends/people you spend time with use social media? What is your role in relation to your group of friends? Do you consider the decisions you and your friends make positive or negative?

  2. What do you usually explore when you’re on social media? Do you gravitate towards positive/inspiring content that encourages positive messages? Or do you find yourself surrounded by negative ideas that may cloud your judgement or impact your ability to make positive decisions?

  3. Are you willing to do things, even if they are negative to impress or get attention? All actions have consequences both positive and negative. 

I thank you on behalf of the Watertown Public Schools for partnering with us in keeping our school district the best it can be.

Have a restful weekend,


Dr. V

Dates to Remember

October 8 - Early Dismissal for all students, Teachers in PD in the PM

October 11 - No School, Columbus Day

November 2 - No School, Election Day Professional Learning for Teachers

November 6 - WHS Homecoming

November 11 - No School, Veterans Day 

Health and Safety

Extension of Governor Lamont’s Emergency Powers & Executive Order 14

On 9/28/2021, a press release on the extension of Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 14 was released.

Please find a copy linked here is the Governor’s Press Release.  Executive Order 14 is effective through February 15, 2022, unless  further modified.  

Quote of the Week

“Confidence in the past gives us courage to look forward to the future”.