Dear Watertown Public Schools Faculty, Families, and Students,

In preparation for the pending storm that is scheduled to arrive late tomorrow (Thursday) evening to early Saturday morning, we are closely monitoring weather updates so we can notify the WPS community of any closures or schedule changes for Friday and Saturday.

Please be advised of the following:

  • Potential Flash Flooding, Flash Freezing and Power Outages. Weather advisories anticipate excessive rain and wind. This may result in flooding and low temperatures can cause flash freezing causing unsafe driving conditions. 

  • Athletics. If there are any changes to athletic schedules, the athletic department will notify you directly.

  • Emergency Shelter. If needed, the Watertown High School will be designated as a community shelter and will be open to any residents who need assistance through the storm. The Town of Watertown will communicate whether the shelter will be put in place closer to the time of an event.

  • Check on neighbors and the elderly. Older people can have a tougher time dealing with extreme weather situations. If you suspect someone you know may need assistance, reach out to them or let an emergency provider know.

Lastly, this is a friendly reminder that Thursday, December 22 is an early dismissal day to kick off the winter break.

Thank you,

Dr. V