Recognition of Polk & Judson Elementary School Students – Artist of the Month

The Board of Education would like to congratulate the following students from Polk & Judson Elementary Schools for being selected Artist of the month. We are super happy and proud of the following students who are being awarded at the Connecticut Association of Schools Elementary Arts Award Banquet on Tuesday, February 7th at the Aqua Turf in Southington. These students always exemplify character, quality and commitment to their Art. 

Polk Elementary School 

Wintyr Kish is always fully engaged and thinking outside the box. She is constantly striving to dig deeper into our music making and asks the big "why" questions; why did the composer write the music the way he/she did, what genre of music does a song classify as; how often should we listen to and practice music; how does this music affect us; etc. Wintyr is truly the best with her musical inquiries! She is also a talented Flute player, obviously spending time at home improving her technical skills and performance ability. Wintyr is a role model in Full Band, consistently demonstrating focus and engagement in the music making process. She even comes to help with the 4th grade Flute lessons!  

Greyson Pettit is an exceptionally talented artist. He is passionate in all that he does, and watching him work and enjoy his craft is an absolute pleasure. Greyson is also a very talented and gifted musician. His passion and dedication to practicing his Trombone leads to very high levels of performance. He is a caring musician and can always be counted on to help and support others in our full band ensemble.  

 Judson Elementary School 

Nora Stentiford is a very talented artist and musician. The word that comes to mind when we think of Nora Stentiford is 'maturity.' She shows maturity in both her art and her actions. She goes above and beyond in all that she cares about. That same maturity is present in Nora's Viola playing. She works hard to practice her individual parts and is independent in her performance of her harmonies during Full Orchestra. This is a very unique musical quality in a young musician, and Nora is congratulated on her exceptional performance.   

Jack Major is an outstanding musician. He is conscientious and kind to all his fellow students and teachers. Jack is always positively participating and helping others in class and in Orchestra rehearsal. Jack diligently practices his Cello music and comes to lessons and Full Orchestra with detailed questions and comments. He's always engaged in playing and is aware of what he needs help on, how he's improved, and what he loves about his music playing. Jack is most complimentary to all around him on their efforts and the music we are making in class.