Please join me in congratulating Ms. Rose Farrow, Watertown Public School's 2022-2023 Paraprofessional of the Year. Ms. Farrow was among seven paraprofessionals who were nominated by school staff. Ms. Farrow has spent the last 23 years dedicated as a paraprofessional to the Watertown Public schools, most recently, for the past three years she has been a kindergarten paraprofessional at John Trumbull Primary School. She believes in building relationships with all students and strives to set a positive tone for them every morning by greeting students off the bus with a smile, high five, and cheerful "good morning" so they can
carry that positivity with them throughout the rest of their day.

Ms. Farrow doesn’t consider her job work when she loves what she does and leads with her heart. Ms. Farrow also strives to build strong relationships with staff members she works with, assisting them in any way possible. One example is the badge system she created that was implemented at John Trumbull School to assist the nurses during the ever-busy recess times. Ms. Farrow is one of many shining stars who provide support to students and staff across the district. 

Please share in our recognition of this year’s paraprofessional nominees: 

  • Lori Birtwistle (WHS)
  • Pamela Kosloski (WHS)
  • Val Kllobochista (Swift)
  • Susan Fleming (WHS)
  • Jan Marino (Swift)
  • Rose Mancini (Judson)

We are fortunate to have Ms. Farrow represent Watertown Public Schools and wish her luck in her application to be considered for the State Anne Marie Murphy Paraeducator of the Year Award.