New Director of Student Services Appointment

The Watertown Board of Education is pleased to announce the appointment of Amy Sjovall as the new Director of Student Services for Watertown Public Schools. Amy obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and History from Concordia College Bronxville, followed by her Master’s in Special Education from Central Connecticut State University.  After teaching in the field for several years, Amy decided to pursue her Administrative Certification (092) from Sacred Heart University.  Ms. Sjovall also recently completed her second master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Louisiana State University- Shreveport.  Amy started with High Road School of Hartford High as a Special Education Teacher in August of 2012, she then went on to work for the CREC Magnet Schools in 2014.  Amy re-joined the High Road team in August of 2016 as the Operations Manager at the High Road School in Wallingford.  Ms. Sjovall moved on to become the Education Director of the Wallingford Primary/Middle School and Wallingford High School in 2017.   In 2018, Amy stepped into the Executive Director role to support each of the Connecticut schools, and for the 2019-2020 school year she has now moved into the Regional Director Role continuing her support of all of the Connecticut High Road Schools

The Board of Education is thrilled to have Ms. Sjovall join us on October 26 as the new Director of Student Services for Watertown Public Schools especially during this challenging time.