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Elese Taylor

Elese Taylor
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
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Over the past year, I’ve come to realize that saying “hello” has taken on a whole new meaning. What used to be one of the most simple and repeated acts of our daily routine has now become an opportunity to get creative just to say “hi” to one another. Watching people tap elbows or give air hugs with outstretched arms has been a delight to see just how hard we, as humans, want to acknowledge and greet one another.

Today, as I am welcomed into the Watertown Public Schools as your new Superintendent, I would like to (simply) and virtually say, "Hello Watertown Public Schools Students and Families!" Please know that I am smiling ear to ear and waving a hand!

In many ways, this year continues to be one that moves and shifts beneath our feet. What has remained constant during this time is our ability to adapt and demonstrate flexibility in frequently changing situations. And, it is clear that the Watertown community has succeeded in being resilient in these times.

Bringing our students back to school this month to engage in in-person and hybrid learning is an energizing sight to see and a direct result of the tremendous efforts our administrators, faculty, and staff have collectively put forth to provide a safe and productive learning environment for all of our students as they return. The faculty and staff of each of our Watertown schools are dedicated and committed to providing the safest learning environment for our students. I encourage you to visit our main website at for detailed information on our reopening plan.

We are committed to supporting our students’ academic and social-emotional well-being and dedicated to keeping our students' and families' safety a top priority. By working closely with our State and local health officials, evaluating our status frequently, and tracking cases on a daily basis, we carefully monitor and continue to implement mitigating strategies in all of our schools to limit the spread of Covid 19. We thank all family and community members for continuing to partner with our schools by wearing masks, social distancing, and following the States travel advisories.

I am honored to be joining the Watertown Public Schools and excited to highlight ‘happenings’ from in and around our school district. It is important to me to hear about the rich history of Watertown and to honor and celebrate the good work of our students and schools. As we embark on a journey to move forward together, dedicating myself to listen and learn from the families, faculty, and students of Watertown is a priority.

And with that, I look forward to meeting members of the community out and about in town and your family at upcoming school events.

Until then….

Dr. V