Lisa Fekete
Director of Operations & Curriculum
(860) 945-4812


Welcome to the Curriculum & Instruction Website.

In Watertown Public Schools, we believe every student deserves innovative and engaging learning experiences in EVERY CLASSROOM, EVERY DAY. Therefore, the goal of the Office of Curriculum and Instruction is to provide students and staff with the tools and resources necessary to ensure student success.

Our approach to teaching and learning centers on students–moving them from passive receivers of information to active participants in their own discovery process. When students play an active role in determining what they learn and how they learn it, they become explorers capable of leveraging their curiosity to solve real-world problems. In collaboration with stakeholders across our community, our district is working to foster a student-centered learning environment in which learning is personalized, learning is competency based, learning happens anytime and anywhere, and students take ownership of their learning.