A message from CSDE:

Hundreds of Affordable Summer Enrichment Programs Available Across CT

The CTState Department of Education used a portion of their ARP ESSER set-aside to expand access to low-cost summer experiences intended to help students reengage and get caught up for the fall. Click the link below to learn more about these enrichment programs. Families can search a variety of affordable options in their area by visiting: https://summerct.org.

 Please help raise awareness among your district’s families by sharing the attached fliers and posting these videos on your social media accounts, website, etc.:

·       https://vimeo.com/563431003/d7547ffce5 (English TV)

·       https://vimeo.com/563736055 (English Social Media)

·       https://vimeo.com/564678788  (Spanish TV)

·       https://vimeo.com/564692173 (Spanish Social Media)