Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Dear Watertown Families and Students,

It is the night before the first day of school! Our district’s faculty kick-off today was a success and faculty/staff from across the district are so excited to welcome everyone back tomorrow. 

I would like to thank Town Manager, Mr. Raimo, Chief Bernegger and the Watertown Police Department for partnering with the Watertown Public Schools to help us plan an organized and safe reopening for tomorrow. If you would like to review the mitigating strategies we have in place please click here. This is also a friendly reminder that masks are required for all individuals entering our school buildings, including students. I thank you for supporting our students and schools as we work to ensure a safe and smooth first day.

Extra Security

Like each year, our Watertown Police Department will be on site to help keep traffic moving on the first day. 

Prepare for the Weather

Tomorrow will feel like another summer day and in preparation, here are a few tips you can do to help remind your child of ways to keep cool:

  1. Pack a water bottle with ice and stay hydrated: Although Water fountains are not open, water refill stations are. Send your child in with a full water bottle with some ice in it so their refreshing drink stays cooler just a little longer!

  2. Dress for the weather: Students are encouraged to wear light, loose fitting clothing that will help them stay cool throughout the day.

At school, we will be making sure that students (have):

  1. Keep activity to a minimum and lights off

  2. Mask breaks: regular breaks will be provided throughout the day so students can take down their masks.

  3. Cooling stations: schools have areas in the building that are used for cooling stations. Throughout the day, students will be able to visit a cooling station to do just that, cool down!

  4. Fans: Classrooms without air conditioning are now allowed to utilize fans to increase air flow. They will be in use.

  5. Air conditioned areas: Like cooling stations, students will be able to visit cooler areas of the building to cool down if their work area is not air conditioned.

DPH guidelines on Extreme Heat can be found by clicking here. 

WPS will always closely monitor each of our school buildings with continued cooldown breaks.

See you all tomorrow for the first day of school!