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Dear Watertown Families, 

Good Afternoon. I am writing to provide a few brief updates. You can expect a similar update each Monday moving forward.
COVID-19 Data Update
The last report of District and Community COVID-19 cases was on December 4, 2020. Prior to December 4, this was being communicated as individual case-by-case email blasts by each school.  From this point forward, data will be sent district-wide on a weekly basis. The information below reflects an update of cases from December 4, 2020, through December 11, 2020.

On November 23, 2020, the Watertown Board of Education approved that “snow days” from 11/23-12/11 would be considered remote learning days since students are home and in the remote learning model anyway. In other words, the school would be in session virtually with all staff/students working from home. In addition, the Board of Education approved two “traditional” snow days for the first two snow events so that students can enjoy two snow days without having to log in. Given that we will continue to follow a Remote Learning Model until January 19, 2021, clarification seems necessary at this time, especially with the impending weather event for Wednesday into Thursday of this week. Therefore, please take note of the following:
Any necessary snow day will be an actual “snow day” on the first two occasions. This means that students will not log in for remote learning during the first two snow events. The idea here is to give everyone involved the relief that we all appreciate in a good old-fashioned snow day. Thereafter (after snow event #2), we will use snow events as remote learning days across all models, i.e. in-person, hybrid, and remote. This distinction of “Snow Day” versus “Remote Day” will be clearly shared across all typical means of communicating such events, such as the District website, local television stations, and the email/phone call blasts. If a “traditional” snow day occurs on a Monday or Wednesday, the meal pickup that occurs on Monday or Wednesday will take place on the following day (on Tuesday or Thursday.) 
The Watertown Public Schools Central Office will be closed to visitors until Monday, December 28 because of the need for Central Office staff members to quarantine. Please call the Central Office Main Number at (860) 945-4800 to leave a message if you have a question or concern.
Dr. John Ramos
Interim Superintendent
Watertown Public Schools