Dear Watertown Public Schools Families and Faculty,

As you know, the Watertown Public Schools' top priority is the safety of all of our students. In this regard we take any information we receive that may be a threat to any one of our schools extremely seriously and work closely with all of our community partners like the Watertown Police Department and other emergency responders in varying situations. We carefully investigate even the smallest piece of information to make sure that all possibilities of threat are eliminated to ensure the safety of our students.

Late yesterday, our WPD received information about a potential threat to our middle school. Because of this today, Swift Middle School will be on a 2-hour delay out of an abundance of caution so a thorough investigation can take place. There is no information at this time that coroborates or validates the information received but we will still conduct a thorough investigation of the statement.

The school district has partnered with the WPD to ensure the school is completely clear of any threat this morning. Once the investigation is complete, another message will be sent to all families and faculty to update the situation.

I would like to thank our WPD for working with us to resolve this matter and for their vigilence in taking every matter, small or large, seriously on behalf of the families and students of WPS. At this time, the WPD will be sending out an official statement on their end.


Dr. Villanueva