Please see below for a special invitation to the Junior Police Academy:

The Watertown Police Department is seeking participants for the second session of our Junior Police Academy beginning on November 17th. This six-week course meets every Wednesday at the Watertown Police Department 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm. 

The goals of the program are to give those students interested in Law Enforcement an overview of the duties of officers and the function of specialized units within. 

The program also gives those students who wish to obtain a better understanding of Law Enforcement a first-hand look into what officers face on a daily basis by having them participate in mock scenarios in which they play the role of the officers. Members of the department also benefit by getting to know those in our community. 

There is no cost to participants and it is available to Watertown residents ages 13-19. Please email School Resource Officers Corporal Jeff Desena at jdesena@watertownctpd.org or Officer Chris Donston at cdonston@watertownctpd.org to participate. 

Week 1: November 17 

  • Organizational history and structure 
  • Beginnings in Law Enforcement & Academy Life 
  • Tour of facility & Communications 
  • Overview of Officer's equipment 

Week 2: November 24th 

  • Traffic Stops and Interactions 
  • Radar/Laser 
  • DWI 
  • Mock Traffic Stops 

Week 3: December 14 

  • Detective Division presentation 
  • Search & Seizure / Evidence retention 
  • Forensics/ Fingerprints / Dusting 
  • Watertown Fire Department 

Week 4: December 8th 

  • Women in policing 
  • Parole 
  • Domestic Violenc
  • Domestic Violence Scenarios 

Week 5: December 17th 

  • Emergency Response Team 
  • K9 Officer Fortier and K9 Fran 
  • Waterbury Police Street Crimes 

Week 6: December 22nd 

  • Stations Day 
  • Motor Vehicle Stops 
  • Mock Investigations 
  • Graduation