Watertown, CT - December 30, 2022 - On Monday, January 9, 2023, the Watertown Board of Education will follow official procedures to elect a new Board Chairperson to replace Mr. Robert Makowski who recently submitted his resignation as Chairperson of the board, effective January 1, 2023. He wrote, “While my decision to step down from the board is personal, it is one that was deliberated over for some time and was not made lightly…I am grateful for the opportunity to serve our town, our District team, and most importantly, our children”. 

Mr. Makowski served the Watertown BOE for seven and a half years, bringing valuable insight and experience to the role. Over the course of his leadership, he has made a lasting impression on the Watertown Public Schools. Mr. Makowski has been a champion for the families of the Watertown/Oakville community in every way. Ms. Krista Palomba, Vice Chair of the Board of Education said, “Watching Mr. Makowski over the years making a real difference in the Watertown Public Schools system is why I decided to run for the Board of Education. His dedication not only to the students but to all stakeholders serves as an inspiration to us all.”

Mr. Makowski dedicated countless hours to the district during his time as a board member and through each of his executive leadership roles. He was a main staple of many district wide initiatives and was committed to rallying awareness in every way possible. Whether making it a point to be present at fundraising and athletic events or working with the Superintendent to plan important information sessions on new legislation for the wider community, he continues to be a strong supporter and advocate of community/school initiatives. 

Mr. Makowski may be best known for his steadfast commitment to integrity and transparency, while always putting the children of Watertown/Oakville at the center of every decision. His leadership as both Board Chairperson and Budget/Finance Subcommittee Chair has positively impacted WPS district wide and continues to be an important part to support the growth and fiscal health of the Watertown Public Schools for years to come. Ms. Karen Hosking, Secretary of the Board of Education added, “When I filled a vacancy on the board, Rob immediately reached out to support my transition and answer any and all questions that I had. He helped me find my voice in support of our students, staff and administrators. His viewpoints were helpful and I always knew he put the district first. His passion, insight and dedication will be missed. He will continue to support our schools by being a voice in education. I am grateful to have served alongside Rob and thank him for his years served on our board.” 

Mr. Makowski has demonstrated a true passion and commitment to the WPS and has helped the district take big steps forward over the years. The WPS and Board of Education wish Mr. Makowski all the best and will honor his service to the WPS community at their next regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting on January 9, 2023.