(LtoR: Student artists A. Phelan, M. Stronkowsky-Demers, and K. Croke, with their teachers T. Porcheron and S. Goetz, have their work framed and recognized by BOE members to be put on display in the district's Central Office located at 61 Echo Lake Road)

Recognition of Artists from Swift Middle School 

The Watertown Board of Education would like to congratulate the following two students from Swift Middle School, Amelia Phelan, and Madison Stronkowsky-Demers, for creating two beautiful works of art.   

Amelia Phelan is an 8th grade student who spends much of her free time creating artwork. Amelia has created numerous works of art, from clay to watercolors, at home.   

Madison Stronkowsky-Demers is a 7th grade student. Madison is also a very talented artist who loves to draw. Both students created these works of art by drawing from observation and using site-measuring techniques. In addition, they used colored pencil layering techniques to create very realistic still life drawings. As a result, both of these drawings show exceptional attention to detail.  

Recognition of an Artist from Watertown High School  

The Watertown Board of Education would like to congratulate the following student, Kendall Croke who is now currently a 9th grade student at Watertown High School.  She is passionate about both the visual and performing arts.  She has taken her role as an artist very seriously, starting from her days at JTPS.  Kendall excels in her art classes and creates art outside the classroom, such as the drawings being presented here tonight.  Kendall is looking forward to beginning her art classes at the high school since art is such an essential part of her.