On Monday, January 9, 2023, the Watertown Board of Education elected a new Board of Education Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary in light of Mr. Robert Makowski's recent resignation as Chairperson of the board. The following members were voted in to the following officer roles:

  • Ms. Krista Palomba, Chairperson
  • Ms. Karen Hosking, Vice Chairperson
  • Ms. Christine Faressa, Secretary

Please see below for a statement from Ms. Krista Palomba to ring in the new year:

"With the start of 2023, your board of education looks a little different, however the Watertown Board of Education remains dedicated to the long standing tradition of excellence. While overseeing the education of Watertown Public Schools students and managing the tax dollars that fund our district. The school board and administrative team work together to ensure the continued success of our district with our vision, mission and core values serving as  guiding principles. Key responsibilities of the board include appointing the superintendent, adopting an annual budget, setting policies that provide direction for the administration, providing necessary services to pupils, addressing school safety and discipline, adopting courses of study, managing funds, levying new taxes and assessing student progress, all while maintaining politically neutral view points.  

The Board meetings serves as a forum for community input relevant to public education and instilling the beliefs, behaviors and symbolic representations that define the culture of our school system. The Board invites community and parental involvement and recognizes that the vast majority of our input received will be of a constructive and civil nature. Consistent with this responsibility, the Board will emphasize the standard of continuous improvement for its own performance as well as that of the school system as a whole and commit to evaluate its effectiveness and improve upon that performance. That is our commitment to you for 2023 and going forward"