The English Department at Watertown High School has as its primary objective effective oral and written communication. Please visit the Program of Studies to see all courses offered. The program at all levels promotes and encourages critical and analytical thinking skills which aid students in making responsible, thoughtful decisions about the literature they read, the compositions they write, and the media they experience. Language Arts is the study of the five areas of communication:speaking, listening, reading, viewing, and writing. Through the development of these skills, students gain the ability to learn about and shape themselves and their world.     
          Coursework in the English Department is designed to teach students to read actively and critically, communicate clearly in speech, and write effectively. Furthermore, the English Department is concerned with fostering an appreciation of the art and beauty of literature. The richness and variety of the language arts provide fertile ground for the development of higher order thinking skills and ample opportunity for various modes of student learning and expression. The skills students acquire in the language arts program will be essential to their development as lifelong learners.