The Science program at WHS has been developed to meet the varied academic abilities and interests of our student body. It is the goal of the science program not only to impart scientific knowledge and skills, but to develop the critical thinking abilities of our students through a strong laboratory approach. All students enrolled in science courses at Watertown High School are expected to utilize decision-making and problem-solving techniques based on critical thinking skills and to communicate effectively.  Students will employ computational and mathematical skills appropriately, apply technology, process and impart information, and apply principles & processes of the sciences to analyze phenomena of the natural world. The Science Department incorporates the NGSS framework to provide students opportunities to improve their science and engineering skills while simultaneously creating connections across various disciplines of science and technology.  Students are expected to take a minimum of 3 years of science, with Integrated Science and Biology as graduation requirements. Please check out the Program of Studies to see all science courses we offer.