The primary purpose of the Watertown High School Social Studies curriculum is to contribute effectively to the development of informed, socially competent citizens, who are equipped with knowledge and an appreciation of our diverse nation and global community. Please visit the Program of Studies to view all Social Studies courses offered at Watertown High School. Students enrolled in all social studies classes will utilize decision making and problem-solving techniques based on critical thinking skills, communicate effectively for a variety of purposes, apply technology to acquire, process, and impart information, develop knowledge of world civilizations, and examine the United States' role in the world community. In addition, students will develop and understanding of how to apply computational and mathematical skills to analyze and solve problems related to the discipline. Graduation Requires 3.5 Credits- Modern World History, The Western Experience, America in the Modern Era (or American Studies History or AP US History) and Civics (½ credit) or AP US Government and Politics (Full credit).