Watertown High School Mathematics Department offers a comprehensive four-year Mathematics program, whose goal is to enable every student to reach his or her math potential in a supportive, academically focused and nurturing environment. The mathematics courses, located in the Program of Studies, are aligned to the Connecticut Core Standards and includes rigorous content and application of knowledge through critical thinking for all students. 
         Courses focus on reasoning and sense making as developed in the context of strong content, ensuring that students can accurately carry out mathematical procedures, understand why those procedures work, and know how they might be used and their results interpreted. A student’s active involvement in mathematics includes enacting learning practices such as discussion and collaboration, proposing and defending mathematical ideas and conjectures, responding thoughtfully to the mathematical arguments of peers, and completion of assignments. Technology is essential in teaching and learning mathematics. All mathematics courses involve the use of technology such as scientific or graphing calculators, and/or computers to enhance students’ learning. 
          Students graduating in 2020 and thereafter, must successfully complete a minimum of four credits in mathematics to include required courses of Algebra I, Geometry and either Algebra II or Probability and Statistics. There are several typical sequences of courses that students can follow. Sequences are listed along with suggested grades below. However, each course is open to any student who has completed the prerequisite(s) for that course. Students may move out of sequence from year to year. Students may choose to take more than one math during a school year but they are encouraged to work with the counselors and math teachers to ensure appropriate placement and success. Take a moment to review each course description to ensure appropriate course choices or if there is summer work associated with the class.