Madame Miller
Former French teacher and former World Languages Department Coordinator.

Nov. 19th, 1944--April 17th, 2013

Mary Jane Miller Obituary.

Mary Jane

During April vacation (2013) the faculty lost a very important and dear colleague. Mary Jane Miller was a superb teacher. She instilled passion and interest about language, culture and traveling in students through her teaching and by leading yearly trips to Europe. She was true mentor to the World Language Department, and sponsored clubs and organizations like the World Language Honor Society and French Club. Her involvement and leadership in the Delta Kappa Gamma Society of women educators further demonstrates her commitment to excellence in education. Finally, Mary Jane was a friend who encouraged and supported all those around her.

After she passed, the students, parents and teachers that have learned from and been loved by this wonderful woman sought an opportunity to memorialize her life. On May 28th the Board of Education approved a proposal to name the World Language Wing at Watertown High School in memory of Mary Jane Miller. There will be a plaque with the details of her life’s passions of teaching and traveling. Along with the plaque, her name will be placed on the wall in the hallway leading to the World Language classrooms.

We have begun our fundraising efforts and are asking for members of the Watertown School District to help us in our endeavors. We understand what lengths teachers will go to help their students be successful; Mary Jane’s passion and commitment to education in Watertown are worth honoring. Contributions as an individual, department, group, school, etc. will help support this opportunity to honor such an influential woman. Checks can be made out to Watertown High School (Mary Jane Miller Memorial Fund) and be delivered to the Watertown High School main office or mailed to:

Watertown High School
c/o World Language Department
324 French Street
Watertown, CT 06795.

MJM Scholarship Fund Picnic (Oct. 19th, 2013)

Please do not hesitate to contact any of us with any questions. Thank you in advance for your generosity.


The WHS World Language Department
Sarah Baker
Julia Culbertson
Donna Lorusso
Christina Moher Gamaliel Rosa


Zoe Kelly and Amanda Knipple
Awarded MJM Scholarship for 2013 by Michelle Rindfleisch, daughter of Mary Jane Miller

World Language Honor Society Induction Ceremony

Mary Jane's children established the Mary Jane Miller Scholarship to honor their mother. This scholarship will go to a high school senior that plans to pursue World Languages in college. It was their mother's quest to enrich her student’s lives by showing them the beauty and history of Europe. It is through this scholarship that her passion and love of travel will live on in her deserving students for years to come.



I am dedicated to helping your child achieve his potential in French. I encourage you to support your child's work and encourage him/her as he/she begins this school year. Your child will have written assignments as well as memorization of vocabulary and facts. I hope that you will encourage your child to complete all his assigments and prepare for every class. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to e-mail me if you have a question about his/her progress.


The study of French is an incredible journey...and I am so glad you have decided to travel this road with me. Please keep up with your work!!!!! Do your homework nightly and study new material. Be prepared for class with all necessary notebooks, books, etc. And come in during flex (or after school) for extra help whenever needed! Be responsible and get the assignments when you are absent! Check your class site below.

French Club:

French Club will meet monthly, along with our annual celebrations of Noël, la Saint-Valentin et la Nouvelle Année.

World Language Honor Society:

We will have our meetings the third Thursday of the month during flex. Congratulations to this year's officers:

  • President:

  • Vice President:

  • Secretary:

  • Public Relations:

Trip to Europe:

This year we are traveling to Paris, Switzerland and Germany for 10 days. If you are interested, there is still time to join us. Please see me for the info and application.