Urgent Crisis Centers

Get the word out to school communities about a new resource - Urgent Crisis Centers - now available to families of children who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis but do not require emergency department level of care. 

 Licensed and funded by DCF, the centers function as walk-in clinics, providing youths and their families with immediate access to resources while they are experiencing a behavioral health crisis, such as thoughts of suicide or self-injury, feelings of depression or anxiety, out-of-control behaviors, substance misuse, etc. Again, the centers are aimed at diverting youths and their families from making visits to emergency rooms to address behavioral health crises. Current capacity for the four centers is 72 daily slots. They are strategically located across Connecticut and are operated by: 

·      The Village for Families and Children in Hartford; 

·     Yale New Haven Hospital in New Haven; 

·     The Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut in New London; and 

·     Wellmore Behavioral Health in Waterbury. (Closest location for Watertown, CT)