Wednesday, November 24, 2021
Dear Watertown Public Schools Families and Faculty,            
Getting ready for a holiday break is sometimes filled with a joyful frenzy of preparations. Whether you have a full schedule or cleared your schedule, I would like to take moment to wish you all a joyful Thanksgiving break. 

* Cover art: A turkey disguised as a Pringles can. Artist: JTPS student

Dr. V


Reopening/Covid-19 Related Documents
As a friendly reminder any documents related to Covid-19 or the reopening of schools are linked to the main district website. Any public documents are regularly updated and linked to this document click here.

Hanukkah and Advent Season
On Sunday November 28, Hanukkah and the Advent season kick off for our Jewish and Christian Families. Hanukkah, celebrates the miracle of the oil that lasted for eight days (festival of lights), displayed by the candles on a menorah for our Jewish families. And the start of the Advent season kicks off preparations for the celebration of Christmas in December. Click on the links below for family friendly resources. 

CIAC Sports
On Tuesday, November 23, 2021, CIAC released the 2021-2022  Winter Sports Covid 19 Guidance. All districts across the State, including Watertown, are currently working on the task of creating appropriate protocols and procedures based on this new guidance. Once ready, all families and students will be notified of those protocols and procedures as soon as possible. 

Holiday Travel Reminder
Click here for WPS Return to School Protocols  
This is a friendly reminder to all families who will be traveling to keep safe during large gatherings by following the suggested guidelines below:

  • Utilize all appropriate mitigation strategies while traveling (including mask wearing, distancing, symptom recognition, etc.) regardless of whether the policies and procedures in place at your destination mandate them.
  • Before travel, review the current DPH and CDC recommendations for travel during COVID-19 and be sure to plan sufficient time for any necessary actions.
  • Follow DPH and CDC best-practice testing procedures upon return

Health and Safety