On Thursday, April 28, 2022 select WHS students were inducted into the National Honor Society in an evening ceremony at Watertown High School.

the four pillars of NHS:

  • Scholarship At a minimum, students must have a high standard of excellence. With an expected and very high GPA(Each school chapter is allowed to require a higher cumulative GPA.)

  • Service Students take initiative and want to contribute to their school and community.

  • Uphold scholarship and maintain a loyal school attitude

  • Volunteer dependable and well organized assistance enthusiastically

  • Work well with others

  • Take on difficult responsibilities willingly.

  • Show courtesy by assisting others

  • Leadership Student leaders know how to work with and for others! NHS leaders are those who are resourceful, good problem solvers, and idea contributors. 

    • Inspire positive behavior in others

  • Exemplifies positive attitude

  • Be thoroughly dependable in accepting responsibility

  • Demonstrate academic initiative

  • Character And NHS Students hold themselves to high standards of honesty and reliability; shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others;

    • Exemplifies desirable qualities of behavior consistently

  • Take criticism willingly and well

  • Follow rules inside and outside of classroom

  • Not plagiarize or subscribe to any form of cheating

  • Comply with school and teacher requirements

Congratulations to all of our 2022 NHS students!

1 Barbieri, Jake David 

2 Benga, Casey 

3 Calabrese, Gianna Nicole 

4 Conard, Emma Henrietta 

5 Creter, Mattingly Michael 

6 Dandonoli, Adriana Marie 

7 D'Elia, Ashley Ann

8 Deros, Karina Phaedra 

9 Dishnica, Eva 

10 Falotico, Samuel 

11 Gallagher, Abby Grace 

12 Geiger, Kira Ashley 

13 Geise, Jack Thomas 

14 Gelinas, Avery Grace 

15 Giusto, Dylan Christopher 

16 Guerrera, Adriana Luisa 

17 Helayel, Samuel Joseph 

18 Kiernan, Emily Morgan 

19 LaBella, Kami Elise 

20 LaMadeleine, Nathan James 

21 Leach, Colin Benjamin 

22 Lemay, Christina Marie 

23 Manalo, Charlotte Kyla 

24 Marku, Amarta Oona 

25 Martinelli, Melanie Taylor

26 Metcalfe, Ian Kennedy

27 Modarski, Megan Elizabeth

28 Nugai, Emma Grace

29 Payne, Dylan Scott

30 Perugini, Daniela Lucia

31 Perugini, Daniella Marie

32 Pham, Jasmine Thu

33 Philippi, Alexa Myah

34 Pienczykowski, Erin Elizabeth

35 Pinkerton, Grace Lenora

36 Polletta, Zachary David

37 Qurbani, Behzad

38 Rakipi, Arlida

39 Rinaldi, Giacomo Davide

40 Santopietro, Ryan John

41 Smutney, Mason Curtis

42 Spaho, Eri

43 Takemori, Eduardo

44 Trudeau, Brielle Erin

45 Vasquez, Ian

46 Venuk, Ava Marie

47 Welcome, Alexandra Zoila

48 Willoughby, Carter Graham

49 Zaccagnini, Kyle Joseph